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Fethi El Hassasna

Hello, my name is Fethi El Hassasna, I'm an iOS developer with a keen eye for design.

I developed more than ten applications for B2B (in-house) and few B2C (App Store) as a personal side projects.

In order to connect apps to remote services, I developed many backend solutions with PHP and Symfony framework, I also have a strong experience with Javascript and frontend development.

I can work on all aspect of application development, from customer needs to deployment through the UI / UX Design, the architecture design and tests.

Outside of work I love contributing to open source projects, drawing, playing with 3D and watching Manchester United games …

Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to contact me with questions, ideas or to just say “Hi”.

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Swift Radio App

Open source radio app


A radio player framework for iOS

Powwow AR

Social network app based on AR

FRadio DZ

Algerian radio App

Bloodna for iOS

Bloodna App iOS Design


Newspapers App for mobile



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